Creating A Harmonious Backyard Ecosystem: Chickens And Domestic Pets

If you're like most people who've recently decided to try your hand at raising backyard chickens, you probably already know that it will be necessary to take precautions to keep your flock safe from marauding wildlife. However, you may also envision a lively scene of chickens happily pecking at the ground while your dog or cat lounges peacefully nearby. Creating this harmonious backyard ecosystem between chickens and your domestic pets may seem like a daunting task, but with some planning, training, and patience, it can indeed be a reality. Read More 

Landscaping Bark — Products And Uses

Decorative bark can be used to add contrast to your land or as a protective layer that will preserve the nutritional content of soil. Choose wood products that are dyed or undyed and select the land where bark pieces will be added. Bark Products Decorative bark is sourced from cypress, pine, oak, and other tree varieties. Bark manufacturers use grinding equipment to prepare long strips, nuggets, or irregular-shaped mulch pieces. Some manufacturers market bark mulch as an organic material that does not contain any dyes or additives. Read More 

The Benefits Of Getting Produce And Meat From A Local Family Farm

You may be accustomed to getting your groceries from the local big box store. However, you may also never be entirely sure of how safe and fresh the products from it are when you buy them. When you want to invest in more wholesome food for your family, you might prefer to get it directly from the supplier. You may find the quality and quantity you want when you buy your food from a local family farm. Read More 

Tips For Keeping Squirrels Off Of Your Property

Squirrels can be cute to watch when you see them out in a park or when walking around a nature trail. Squirrels can be less cute when they are on your property all of the time. Dogs and cats tend to chase squirrels so it can be hard to get your pet back inside when you call them. Squirrels also tend to eat nuts and fruit inside of your hard or dig to store these items, which can leave holes and debris that you trip over. Read More 

Four Components To Healthy Cattle Feed

Just like feeding your own family, feeding your cattle is both a matter of science and guesswork, with the goal to provide them the most nutritious yet affordable food. Healthy cattle feed can contain a variety of components. Here's a look at the basics: Hay In order to be good for beef cattle, hay has to be harvested at the right time. Otherwise, it loses nutrients, especially as it dries. Hay can also become moldy if it isn't stored properly. Read More