Tips For Keeping Squirrels Off Of Your Property

Squirrels can be cute to watch when you see them out in a park or when walking around a nature trail. Squirrels can be less cute when they are on your property all of the time. Dogs and cats tend to chase squirrels so it can be hard to get your pet back inside when you call them. Squirrels also tend to eat nuts and fruit inside of your hard or dig to store these items, which can leave holes and debris that you trip over. If your yard has turned into a squirrel haven and you need them gone, here are some ways to go about discouraging squirrels in the yard. 

Cut or trim trees

Like many animals, squirrels are attracted to spaces that have food. They also like to have shade and trees that they can climb and nest inside of. If you have a lot of trees in your yard, it is easy to attract these small animals. To discourage these little mammals on your property, you may want to remove some of your trees. If you would prefer to keep all of your trees, you should trim the limbs and fill any holes inside of the trees so that squirrels cannot nest. Once your trees start to produce fruit and nuts, be sure to rake on a daily basis so that the animals are not attracted to your property. 

Have an animal removal service take the squirrels off the property

One surefire way of encouraging squirrels to congregate elsewhere is to have them removed. If you tend to see more than a handful of squirrels at a time in your yard, you should have an animal removal service come to remove them. The service will be able to trap the squirrels then take them away for relocation. By having the squirrels dropped off many miles away, the animals will have a new area to move to. This means that the animals will roam around a new area and are less likely to locate back into your yard. 

Put down sprays and spices

An animal removal company can also spray your land so that the animals are no longer attracted to your property. Be sure that the spray is concentrated around any plants and the perimeter of the property. Spices that have peppers are also good deterrents as squirrels find these to be a turn-off. Sprinkle a little pepper spice on your property and trees to keep the critters at bay. 

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